Special Thanks

We thank all of those who helped make this record possible. For the time being, I'd like to give a general thank all the artists, songwriters, record labels, publishing companies, and many others behind the scenes who donated in countless ways to help us help others. Everyone who has participated in this project, in even a small way, profusely expresses how glad they are to be included. They really care.

I'd specifically like to thank Ric Kipp, who had the idea for this project and called on his many friends in the music industry to get the ball rolling, and my husband Phillip Wolfe for donating the production of much of the music on the CD. I'd also like to thank Norman Gillis, who just called one day and offered to help. Without any of these three people, this CD never would have become a reality.

Special thanks also to Lynette Sesler for donating the design of the gorgeous CD booklet, and to Glenn Meadows for donating the mastering of the music. These people have helped us create a CD product which is as beautiful and high quality as the music. Special thanks also to Brady Mills, for donated this phenomenal web site, and to Cynthia Amorese donating her consultation and assistance with publicity. Their efforts are helping us get the word about this project to the public.

Please check back later to read my detailed thanks to those who helped. It will be worth reading, because the collective kindness of so very many people is an inspiration and a testament to the good in human nature.
Rebecca Wolfe,
Executive Producer