About the Project

Forgotten but Not Gone is a CD project to raise money for ongoing hurricane relief efforts on the Gulf Coast. Many people are unaware that today, almost four years after the strike of Hurricane Katrina, many tens of thousands of Gulf Coast Residents remain displaced from their homes. Experts predict it will be several more years before the needed rebuilding is complete.

By buying this record, you will help residents of the Gulf Coast in their fight to restore their homes, their dignity, and their beloved communities.

The CD is a volunteer project of Gulf Coast Relief, Inc, a 501C3 organization.. All artists, songwriters, executive producers, record labels, and publishing companies have donated these performances.

All proceeds will be split 50/50 between Camp Coast Care of Lutheran-Episcopal Services of Mississippi, and the NOLA Office of Disaster Response of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana. These wonderful organizations work very hard to rebuild homes, communities and lives. Both have dormitories to house volunteers who travel to the Gulf Coast to help out. Although faith-based, both groups serve the needy without regard to religious affiliation.

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