Bruce "Buscoyo" Bellott

Bruce Bellott is a Katrina evacuee who moved to Nashville to make a CD to help other Katrina survivors. His story was one of the inspirations for this CD.

Born and raised in New Orleans, Bruce grew up steeped in the culture and tradition of Cajun music and New Orleans jazz. He began writing songs at a young age, and continued writing and performing in the New Orleans area while raising a family and running a thriving business. Bruce opened for David Allen Coe at the Gretna Fest.

All was right in Bruce's world until August 2005, when the wrath of Katrina came ashore. In a matter of a few hours, everything that he had worked for his entire life was gone forever.

Displaced like thousands of others by the storm, Bruce made his way to Nashville, TN, with his few remaining possessions. There he decided to pursue the dream that he'd had his entire life, of recording and releasing the wonderful songs that only a man of his life experience and resilient spirit could offer. But now there was an even more important goal: To release a benefit CD to help with the ongoing relief efforts in the storm-ravaged Gulf area.

Shortly after his arrival in Nashville, courtesy of a used Chevy Astro van he won in a raffle at the “Louisiana Chicken Fest”, he made the acquaintance of producer Phillip Wolfe. When Bruce was invited to contribute one of his songs to Forgotten But Not Gone, his dream to help Katrina recovery became a reality.

Behind the Song

I wrote the song Mardis Gras driving home from a gig. I was remembering running alongside of my dad to watch Pete Fountain and his "Half Fast Marching Club" struttin’ down St Charles Avenue and the crowd going wild! I decided to write a song that captured the feel of the floats, the bands, and the best food in the world! -- Bruce Bellott

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